Peace and Joy in 2017

As I reflect on the transition to a new year, I am aware of the mix of emotion rising and falling inside of me. I feel grateful for the comforts of a roof over my head and loved ones nearby. Like many others, I feel anxious for coming political changes in the United States, and ramifications for many communities. In order to navigate the emoti20150817-img_0114ons stirred at this time and, well, life in general, I find meditation helpful. Centering ourselves and coming into the present provides assistance as we steer through the coming year. The more present we are, the greater our ability to receive and recognize the beauty and wonder that exist in this world!

The four pebble meditation, developed by Thich Nhat Hanh, is a very simple and profound way to center yourself. This meditation can be practiced by children and adults. I find it helpful to connect with the energies that are available in life.

Plum Village brother Thay Phap Huu developed this video to explain the intentions behind each of the four pebbles.

I am sharing this resource to offer the ability to cast a sunbeam in your own life, observe the dust that travels through your consciousness and set intentions for life, strength, clarity, and freedom.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful New Year.


Arwen Bird is the Principal of Woven Strategies, LLC. 

Photo credits: Tanya Pluth

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